The Wilson family crest dates back to 1586 and each part of the family crest symbolizes something regarding the traits of the family. The lion head is a sign of courage, the three paws stand for the three main lines of the family in the 1700’s, and the ribbon-like decoration on the sides represent shredded linen cloth coverings of armor and shields, shredded from many successful returns from battle.

The Latin words below the family crest “Res Non Verba” mean action, not words. The modern interpretation of this is that the Wilson family values massive action in a pointed direction rather than theorizing, or talking about grandiose plans.

John WilsonIn 1630 John Wilson came to the United States from England as part of the Winthrop Fleet. John came from a prominent English family helped start and was the first minister at the First Church of Boston, a well known landmark today in the city of Boston. John’s father was a chaplain to the Archbishop of Cantebury and he held a high position in the Anglican Church.

The Wilson family comes from western England and has several generation of capital raising, practicing medicine, and trade roots, with Thomas D. Wilson, having raised well over $1B in his career, before the current Richard C. Wilson had even started his career working with family offices, the ultra-affluent. Currently, the Wilson Holding Company acts as the over-arching umbrella organization and single family office for the family’s assets and it has ongoing business operations and interests in training, data, conference, wealth advisory, and philanthropy related businesses.

Future stability and success of the Wilson family is expected to come from the family’s long track record of hard work, focused action, and diversified business interests which help clients in 75 countries surge forward toward their goals.

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