The Wilson Holdings business portfolio does over $10M a year in combined revenue between holdings and includes the #1 largest global association of family office investors, Wilson.Training, Wilson.Data, Wilson.Conferences, Single Family Office Management Services, Bullion Storage, Food, Wine, and Consumer Product offerings.

Family Office Division: Our family office division operates the #1 most visited website in the family office wealth management industry, we have the largest association in the space called the Family Offices Group, and we authored the bestselling book as well. Many of our business divisions and equity stakes come from the value created in connecting families to each other.

For example we recently were awarded a single family office outsourced CEO mandate for a family with over $500M in real estate assets. Our team is helping build the team from the ground up, creating the family charter, implement reporting, operations, services providers, an advisory council and helping orchestrate direct investments.

To learn more about our webinars, events, book, family office database, and association please see, for our work directly with families please see Single Family Office Managers (single family office CEO & startup services) and Billionaire Family Office (buy-side deal origination).

Family Office Club Wines, LLC is the wine import and whole distribution division of Wilson Holding Company and represents the royal family of Liechtenstein’s 600+ year old vineyard. The Princely House of Liechtenstein is one of the oldest European noble families, looking back to nearly 900 years of family history. With Hugo of Liechtenstein, a bearer or this name was first mentioned in 1136.

The Prince of Liechtenstein Wine Cellars: The Princely Wine Cellars of the Prince of Liechtenstein Foundation include the Princely Wine Cellar and the Castle of the Prince of Liechtenstein in Wilfersdorf/Austria as well as the Princely Wine Cellar with its own wine library. The jointly managed operations enjoy an excellent reputation as a renowned wine estate. The first-class vineyards, the benign climate, the high level of expertise and the constant striving for perfection guarantee top products year after year. See 1 Pager or Brochure for more details.

Our Wilson.Data business provides institutions, investment banks, and fund managers with data research on institutional investors, private banks, and family offices. We have a full time data research tebam which does nothing but constantly update our deep database of well over 7,500 investors globally for our clients. We pride ourselves on offering some of the most practical, user friendly, and accurately updated database products in the finance industry. You can learn more about this area of our business at our Wilson.Data website.

Wilson Ventures is our business incubation and angel investment platform where we launch joint ventures, and new businesses. Currently we are searching for established businesses with revenues of $100k a year and that have been in business for over 2 years, to establish a marketing partnership to leverage our core marketing and branding assets. For example, we are major media players in the private equity, hedge fund, and family office industries so we are searching for those offering services in those industries so we can take a minority equity stake in their business act as an extension of their team to grow their business through our media assets.We keep these ventures confidential until they have reached critical mass as the areas above have.

Bullion Management Group Inc.: As a part of Wilson Ventures In 2014 we took an equity stake in a $400M AUM physical bullion management investment manager based in Toronto with a long track record. They manage bullion bars of platinum, gold, and silver for their global clients who are largely high net worth and family office type clients.

Our Wilson.Training business consists of 25 self-directed training and certificate programs and live workshops, seminars, and networking breakfasts. We have hosted over 20 events in four countries to date, and we have had well over 4,500 professionals complete our training programs from 75+ countries. In many niches our websites are some of the most popular in the industry, for example in the private equity industry we have the #2 most visited website (, our Business Training Institute website is consistently popular (, and in the translation industry we are the #1 or #2 most popular translator training and certificate platform. All of our finance directed programs are found on Our total marketing reach in terms of email subscribers and association members in this business is 817,000 professionals. To learn more please see our Wilson.Training website.

Oil & Gas Syndicate, LLC: As part of Wilson Ventures we took an equity stake in a 33 year old Oil & Gas business which owns 90 oil wells and also started a new entity in partnership with this group called the Oil & Gas Syndicate, LLC. The Oil & Gas Syndicate connects $100M+ net worth families who invest in energy to each other to share deal flow, research, ideas, and co-investment opportunities.

Sotto Zero: In 2015 Wilson Holding Company made a strategic investment for a 33% equity share in Sotto Zero with a Brazilian family who is expanding their line of restaurants in the United States. This is the latest investment inside of the Wilson Ventures portfolio.

If you have questions directly about any of these businesses or regarding working together please email our team at [email protected] or call (305) 333-1155.

Learn more about each area by using the links above, or reading the About Us page of this site.