Investment Terms & Fees

There are no upfront fee charges, no annual asset management or back-end profit split fees, but participates as a 10% equity partner, invests 10-30% of the needed capital and all of the quarterly distributions go to the passive investors, and 0% go to LLC. The goal is to provide investors with a 100% return, doubling their capital over the long-term while using the property for fun. Ongoing costs and fees will be covered by the short-term rental income


To invest in an asset you and your extended family or employees can enjoy that will appreciate in value over time and was purchased smart.

Will not have any carrying costs, maintenance annoyances, or overhead for investors after closing with a goal of getting investors a 12% IRR.

Usage Policy

Minimum investment is $33,000 but the average investor puts in $75,000-$150,000 per property.

  • Investors receive a number of no cost nights based on the amount they invest
  • As more properties are acquired in the network investors also can stay at those new properties for free whether they invest in them or not, but their appreciation and dividends come only from the property they invested in
  • Investors get the most free nights at the properties they have directly invested into
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