Invest capital into Investor Residences to receive:

1. Fun: A fun asset your family, employees, and friends can leverage for the long-term - no hassle or ongoing fee annoyances.

2. Appreciation & Inflation Hedge: Over time there there will be appreciation in the asset you invested in over time, we only purchase houses (not condos), only 4 bedroom houses, and focus on popular tourist locations.

3. Quarterly Dividends: Every quarter investors receive a wire transfer of their profits after carrying costs and cleaning expenses are covered.

Goal: The intent is to provide a unique asset in your portfolio the whole family can enjoy, while doubling your capital over the long-term in a low risk asset.

Growing ROI: As our network of residences grows your ROI on fun using the network will grow, and our structure aligns us with our investors. The faster we can reach our investor's target returns the better for our platform and you as an investor.

Playing family on the beach
Playing family on the beach