Our team offers investment banking services only to healthcare operating businesses, medical clinics, dental clinics or multi-location dental clinics or DSOs, and those in the healthcare field. Our narrow focus allows us to develop close relationships with major strategic corporations, ultra-wealthy family office investors who created their wealth in healthcare, and 100's of dentist and doctor investors who can add capital and frontline experience to the table.

We can provide assistance for the following types of investment banking needs: 1) Growth Capital: If your firm is looking to grow and attract investors, and you need help identifying those investors and structuring the deal appropriately we can help run this process. 2) Divestment: If you are looking to sell your healthcare operating business, medical clinic, or dental clinic, our team can help prepare for that sale, ensure accounting, valuation/appraisals, pitch decks, teasers, data rooms, and due diligence questionnaires are all prepared and in place. 3) Investment: If you are looking to invest in healthcare, our team sees 1,000+ investment opportunities a year as we host 20 live events a year, and have over 6,000 professionals attend those events. We can take note of your specific geographical, control, revenue/EBITDA, and other parameters to present a few opportunities to you each quarter.

To start the discussion please text Richard C. Wilson at (305) 333-1155, send an email to [email protected] or complete the form below and we will be in touch within 2 business days.

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